About PTO

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We support Horn students through academic and developmental success.

Our school, our community, our PTO.

Whether you are new to Horn School or have been here for years, we are glad to have you as part of the Horn family. All parents, guardians, and staff are part of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). 

We typically meet on the third Tuesday of the month in the Horn library or via zoom. Join us at our next meeting to hear what’s going on within the PTO!

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Sara O'Sullivan

Sara has children in third and fifth grade at Horn. Her family has been in the Horn community since her oldest was in Kindergarten. She is involved in PTO because she wants to help to create the kind of school community she had in elementary school.

Vice President

Sarah Schneider

Sarah has a son in third grade and the two of them love the Hawkeyes. Her first year with PTO was to understand how it functions/supports Horn school and to meet other families. It’s evolved into a wonderful way to connect and share ideas for a positive influence on our school’s enrichment programs and environment for all students. With the added bonus of fostering our Horn Community’s relationships through social/family events.


Amanda Farmer

Amanda has a son in third grade and a daughter in Kindergarten. She has enjoyed becoming involved in the Horn PTO over the last two years to have opportunities to meet new families and staff and to help plan school events. She looks forward to continuing to be a part of organizing events and fundraisers for students, families, and staff to further grow a strong Horn community.


Betty Tannous

Betty has a fifth grader at Horn and an eighth grader at Northwest Junior High. She has been involved with the PTO for a number of years and has enjoyed being part of a group that supports the Horn community. As a former Hornet, she fondly remembers the sixth grade bike ride with Principal Davis, popcorn Fridays, and how the classrooms were once separated by retractable accordion dividers.


Rachel Giannakouros

Rachel has a daughter in first grade and will have a preschooler at Horn next fall. She and her family moved to Iowa City five years ago and really enjoyed being part of the Horn community last year. Rachel is excited to be part of the PTO again this year to help plan and volunteer at the events that her daughter enjoyed last year, and to support and thank the outstanding teachers and staff that fill this incredible school.


Hannah Rager

Hannah has been a Horn parent for three years and has kids in fourth, second, and Kindergarten. She and her family moved to Iowa City at the end of 2019 and have loved fostering relationships in the school and neighborhood. She joined the PTO to help build that community not only among the kids but their families too.